Lauren Reynolds Photography, LLC

Why Digital?

So why digital?  Instead of offering individual prints for purchase, I sell digital collections. You will choose one of three digital collections that include the selected images in high resolution on CD with a printing release (both the original gallery image and a black & white conversion), a 5×7 print of each selected image, and in collections 2 & 3, various framed prints and albums. The digital images are then yours forever to print as many times and in as many sizes as you would like.  So if that 8×10 wasn’t quite big enough or if grandma wants another 5×7, you can print them!  No more agonizing over what sizes to order. And you will have the ability to come back to your CD time and time again to discover new treasured memories.

On your CD there will also be a document full of lots of useful information on printing, including my preferred lab, so there is no need to be nervous about the printing process.  In addition to digital collections, I also offer many custom boutique items such as additional framed prints, gallery wrap canvases, albums, birth announcements and holiday cards, which can be added to your order after your digital collection is selected…the best of both worlds!