Lauren Reynolds Photography, LLC

Lauren’s Style

My style is candid, casual and fun!  I photograph on location using available natural light. If you are looking for formal, posed, studio-style portraits, then I am not the photographer for you.  But if you are looking to capture your connections and what makes you uniquely you, then you have come to the right place.  Yes, we will work hard for the perfect smiles and settings.  You will have plenty of those to choose from, I promise!  But I want to also provide you with a catalog of what is special about the stage your family is in right now.  My favorite pictures of my own kids are not necessarily the “perfect” ones where they are both giving me eye contact and smiling their beautiful smiles.  I do love those, don’t get me wrong.  But the pictures that truly make my heart smile are the ones that show their true personalities and sweet love for each other.  I think I will look back in ten years when we are far away from diapers and imaginary play and cherish the pictures of my daughter’s “funny face” and hilarious pout.  And I never want to forget my son’s boundless energy and the way he tenderly approaches his sister.  When they are older and fighting over the TV remote, I want to be reminded of their tender sweet bond as toddlers.  So…tell me what makes you uniquely you, and let’s try to capture it!