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Ballerina graces

Sugar and spice and everything nice; sunshine and rainbows and ribbons for hair bows; tea parties, ballerina graces and baby doll faces, and the cutest crooked little smile you ever did see … that’s what my sweet girl is made of. Happy National Daughters Day, sweet sunshine of mine!! I am so glad that God blessed me with you!!


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A mastered craft

This is one motivated, talented (and flexible!) lady. She just so happens to be a good friend of mine who mentioned just a little over a year ago (yes, only a year) that she was starting to really enjoy yoga. Well, fast forward to today, and she is a certified yoga instructor who teaches at some of the most prestigious gyms across Dallas. She is incredibly talented, and when she told me that she needed some headshots and yoga pictures, I was so excited to help her document her accomplishments. We headed over to my favorite place in Dallas to watch the sunset and she practiced her craft while I practiced mine. Seriously can’t think of a better way to spend an evening with a friend, thanks A!

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  1. carolyn says: What an incredible photograph (and awesome pose)! I love how you captured the serenity & relaxing beauty of yoga in such a pretty natural setting. on 07.1.11 @ 9:07 pm