Lauren Reynolds Photography, LLC

About Lauren

I love old black & white movies, politics, good coffee and just being with my family and friends.  But first and foremost these days, I am a mom – the mom, I guess I should say – to two little munchkins.  A very energetic and spunky little boy, whose gusto for life is a continual source of inspiration (and exhaustion!) to me, and a very sweet, but thankfully not so rambunctious, little girl.  In my prior, before children, life, I was an attorney.  While I loved the demands and excitement of my job (and secretly still miss it), I am very happy to be where I am today, spending time with my family and pursuing what I love.

So how did I get here?  Well, I’ve always loved photography.  I know the saying “life as art” is cliché, but my favorite things in my home are photographs, some I’ve taken and some I have not, of my favorite places and people.  I have a long hall that is peppered with many black & whites of our family at different stages, and it makes my heart smile every time I pass it.  It houses everything from our engagement pictures to the sweet little lives we’ve brought into this world.  They are candid pictures, capturing us just as we were at that stage.  I love the memories and details it keeps alive.  I will always remember how active my son was as a toddler, but when I see the picture from his 2-year-old mini-session that is only his back running as fast as he could through the beautiful garden in which we had him perfectly posed (for a nano-second!), it transports me back to what it was like to be his mom back then.  I relish in it for a second and then feel very thankful to be past the stage where I had to be so quick on my feet!  But it wasn’t until my second child was born that truly began to pursue my interest in photography, and after lots and lots of practice, many mistakes and a determined spirit, here I am.