Lauren Reynolds Photography, LLC

Vintage Trains

I have officially found my favorite spot to photograph boys (at least for the moment)! Just look at this setting…it totally captures what it is to be boy.

We explored up and down the tracks, found some great rusty rail parts and had a great time watching the real vintage train go by! Thanks H Family for making the trek out to the train yard with me. I’m so glad we did and hope you are too! I just love these of your boys!

Dallas Children
  1. Melissa says: Wow - what amazing pictures. The setting is fantastic! They are so handsome and growing up so fast!!! And of course we love the boots! on 12.1.10 @ 12:02 am

  2. Katharine Welder says: Oh my! What fabulous photographs! I love the vintage trains...what a clever twist...and so true, it really captures boyhood and/or "boy-ness". on 12.1.10 @ 12:10 am

  3. Carol Oakes says: Amazing photos of 3 very handsome boys - what a great setting, too!! on 12.1.10 @ 12:23 am

  4. Raenie says: So precious!!!!!!! on 12.1.10 @ 12:43 am

  5. Tessa Hambleton says: Amazing...absolutely amazing. They look like a magazine add:-) on 12.1.10 @ 1:28 am

  6. Anne says: Fabulous photos! Such handsome boys! The compositions are remarkable and yes, perfect for boys. on 12.1.10 @ 7:53 am

  7. charles oakes says: The pictures of my grandchildren are just wonderful. This photographer has major talent and a bright future. Charles Odakes on 12.1.10 @ 2:15 pm

  8. Amy says: I cannot get over what an amzing photographer you are! These are by far the best pics we have ever had. Your fun and relaxed personality made for the best photo shoot :) on 12.2.10 @ 4:43 am

  9. Todd says: I'm so sorry to be late in responding, but these are stunning photos -- the setting, the colors, the expressions, everything!! on 12.8.10 @ 4:49 am