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Spoiler Alert!

The sweet family I was scheduled to shoot this past weekend had to cancel because their little one was sick (we hope you’re all better now, Miss. L!), which turned out to be a huge blessing, because I was able to fit in our family Christmas card shoot! Sorry to spoil it for those of you who get a card from us, but I couldn’t resist sharing just a little. We ventured to one of my favorite spots in Dallas to watch the sun set and came away with this…

I won’t share any others that found their way on our Christmas card, but here are some of the “rejects” that can hardly be called that…

And my favorite of the night — I was having a hard time getting my daughter to give me any eye contact at all, so I handed my camera to my husband and I tried to get some smiles out of her without the camera plastered to my face. I love knowing that she was smiling so big at me. I love you, sweet baby girl!

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  1. Amy Marcuis says: so glad we could ... help? excited about finally re-scheduling! on 12.16.10 @ 10:50 pm

  2. Donna Segler says: We were so excited to get your Christmas card!! It was beautiful and your work is absolutely wonderful! I have enjoyed looking at all of the pictures. Hope your holiday was great! Hope to see you soon.... on 12.29.10 @ 2:04 pm