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The S Family

The S Family met me last Saturday at the Dallas Arboretum, and what troopers they were! We had an awesome session despite the oppresive heat and humidity. It was perhaps the muggiest day in Dallas history, but that didn’t stop the Ss! Baby O was an absolute dream. I don’t think we heard one unhappy sound from her — what a doll! And Big Girl A’s bubbly personality was so much fun! You guys did an awesome job. Here is your sneak peak — can’t wait to show you your full set of proofs!

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  1. Erin Shreiner says: oh yes!! Jack had a hard time getting in the mood:) But the "sneak preview" of pictures look great so far!!! Thanks Lauren, can't wait to see the rest!! Erin on 11.8.10 @ 6:17 pm